What To Do At Level 30

At level thirty there isn’t much to do but battle, or grind for coins. Now, when you think about it, that isn’t a lot to pass the time. You decide to play other games, but that gets boring. So, what you could do to pass the time is simple.

  1. Hide and seek

  2. Make new friends, key for playing hide and seek.

  3. Go on the forums and communicate.

  4. Edit Vesteria clips, or create awesome screenshots.

  5. Tag, basically if you want to have some fun just play tag.

  6. Start a guild if you want more social stuff then, just have fun with them :smiley:

  7. Think of something fun to do. Post it down below for more people to see it!

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get a rock then bang it against ur head until u see funny stars it will take about 40 years becuz when ur level 30 nothing can damag u

I guess that works too. But how in the world are you able to do that. What, you just get an alt to just do rock toss at your head?

get a friend to help u

Alrighty then, I guess some people like to do that to pass time but I can’t see doing that for over a hour straight.

i can

Whatever floats your boat.

wait but u wouldn’t be able to see cuz u’d be blind if u hit rock in head two billion time

Okay, your just trolling at this point. xd

ur trolling me stop being poopy head nerd

AYE MY BOY! You’ve made me prouder than I can possible convey. C:

No problem mate, I just am doing this to do. (I’m sorry I was trying to act like a wise one)

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@Hater67876 I can take this wherever I want.

@GeneralOmegus @GeneralOmegus @GeneralOmegus @GeneralOmegus @GeneralOmegus Dude stop for your own safety leave other people out of this