What time is Spider Queen being spawned? (GST please)

IF a developer sees this, could you tell us the time in GST? So that everyone can convert the time into their specific time zone. Thanks in advance!

or just ping us in the #vesterians chat in the Berezaa discord.

est would be nice too…

but yeah i would like to know too

search GST time into est

any time would be nice


No way!!!

wait in vesteria all day for spider boss…

or heroes online with 2x exp ;-;

irrelevant MHA game or Vesteria. :thinking:

you’re rite, Ima go witht he irrelevant MHA Game

games they put 2X EXP in the title are losing players, and trying to draw them back.

also every anime game on roblox dies off, dont waste time on them

doesn’t every roblox game die off

unless u want me to play jailbreak l0ln0(inb4 someone says meepcity)

Work at a Pizza Place, Phantom Forces, Jailbreak, CBRO, MeepCity, Bloxburg, Royal High, Pet Simulator (somehow isn’t dead)

ok u know pizza place dies down only to get revived after an update for about 2 days

CBRO’s, kind of boring, royal high’s pretty Swarmed with ODers pet sim, no tht kinda died, bloxburg eh ig, PF sort of died but not really, Meepcity heccin ghei

They aren’t dead though… also

m8 there’s a reason they’re playing today(actully ima hop on i want tht gift)