What Stats to investin for certain classes

Ok so I’m gonna make a mage and im wondering what I should invest my stat points in XD. aslo any info on what to invest in fir the other 2 classes would b good too.

INT Mage
STR Warrior
DEX Hunter

Vitality could also be for warrior if you wanna be a tank

Well I’m Going With A Tank, But Most Of The Time You’ll Go With STR With Warrior.

Actually, with the concept of subclasses, these are different. Berezaa has announced different types of mage subclasses, the cleric, sorcerer, and warlock (if i remember correctly). Cleric will be support— like healing and buffing, sorcerer will be attack kind of like a hunter mixed with a mage, and warlock will be like a tank mage. So honestly if you go for warlock you might be using vitality more, sorcerer might use dexterity more and cleric might use intelligence more.

But Sub Classes Aren’t Out.

Yea but we’ll have to prepare for them because there wont be any more data wipes