What skill to choose


Upgrade each skill to 1/x, then focus on fully on Blink.

From there, I suggest you invest more into Zap for high single-target damage, but it is going to be reworked so I’m not sure.

Or you could invest in Magic Bomb, if you are looking to wipe out groups of enemies easily.

upgrade magic bomb and zap, dont worry about blink

5/5 Blink is OP tho. Especially in PvP.

Meta. He’s a NEW mage. I don’t think he’ll dive head first into pvp. He should worry about leveling his damage skills, then focus on blink. 5/5 blink is only good cause of the cooldown imo

well… idk i like hunter so…

what you do is max blink first, then put 1:1 points into magic bomb and zap, then when ur lvl 30 u have 8 pts in bomb maxed blink and 8 pts in zap. yw.