What should've been added, changed, and fixed by now

This is about literally things that I want in all of vesteria (forums, disc, and in-game)
If one of these gets added then I will add something to make it known that is was added (e.g beans)
Not really sure where to put this so I’ll put it here for now.

Lets get started

-Holy scrolls should make the next cursed scroll you use have a 0% chance of exploding or failing at all
-The party menu should go top down (it can stay in that corner though, just make it look like it fits)
-The animation of alot of things, like drinking mighty subs and runes
-literally just fixing stuff about an update soon after you let it go live, don’t let it sit there for a month
-The inspect menu, I need to be able to see stuff easier please.
-The stat menu. Just close it if I open the mage or warrior skills book so the perks don’t bleed through.
-Guilds, the menu is pretty small and they need to actually add guild upgrades and stuff. Maybe advertising idk lol
-More communication with the devs. Yeah thats kinda it. Ber talk to us pls
-Maybe a roadmap so we know what to exepect. It’s kinda just been small leaks. Secrets are fine but if we don’t know whats coming and there is nothing to prepare for or do then people will just leave.
-More updates, not even big ones. Just fun stuff like guilds or professions.
-The old sqr area should be made to look nicer. Kinda weird just being left there

I’m out of ideas for now.
If you have any that you would like to be added then comment it and I will add it if I feel like it
if I don’t then well. At least it’s kinda on here :D.

I would be hoping that the vesteria team does these after this next update (Subclasses) so everything is all up to date with what’s going to be added in the future and looks nice for release.

b e a n s

f u n k y

Guilds section