What should I do to celebrate 1000 replies?

We are only 150 replies away from hitting 1000 replies in Forum Game - Who can post last?. It’s something big for me so…

What should I do to celebrate? Gimme your best suggestions. :kissing_cat:

(I mean in the forums)

Nothing. Do Nothing.

Release Vesteria for PA

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filler text

To celebrate you should make a new goal for 5000 replies. :thinking:

Make That 100,000 Replies.

You think that’s possible to achieve up here?

Probably not

Who knows… :eyes:

you should, make another forum game

Honestly I find that a great idea! Maybe like a game to just have a chat with people.

I bet it would be possible if I actually contributed to that topic.

Most Likely, Yes.

The devs should make us a badge since we’re the first contributors of this Forum I only joined a few days ago but still

And I got the 1000th reply, what’s the celebration???

The demo is out. xD