What’s the perk/reward of those toys?

Does anyone know what reward they give? I have a gift card for GameStop and if they have it I might buy it ngl.

Edit: Yep its the spooder pet. I got one too!

the devs prob know.

What! No way the devs who coded it and make it know what it is.

CrAzY dUde

i meant THE PERK

If there is a cute pet involved I will actually spend money on that just for the pet

its a spiderling pet

people say its a spider pet

I would have to say that it’s the spider pet. I have seen one following a rouge mage across Great Crossroads.


You all serious a spider pet, take my money take it now

Yes offer on my pet.

Highest rn is 26g.

it’s not even soul bound?
also i’d rather spend my real money i can get that quicker then 26g

Can you get it on multiple slots or nah?

I think its the Spiderling Pet. If so that would be awesome. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of those little cuties following them around? (If you did SQR at level 20-28 you know what I’m talking about). But seriously, they’re kinda cute when they’re not trying to murder you.

Yeah, it is a spiderling pet. I just want one because it’s green

Wait, it’s green, and not bluish like the actual ones?

Yeah, you can dye it though

O ok thats right

Also, question about the codes. Does one code give you one pet per save slot (4 total in other words), or just one pet per code?

One pet per code. Although its not too bad, I mean you could always transfer it via storage.