What 'rewards' should consist of if data IS wiped

In #polls, the most recent post consists of 3 options: no wipe, mushcoin + upgrade wipe, or a full wipe with rewards, the later of the 3 being the most popular. I’m personally pro-wipe, but don’t wish to cause divide between other myself and people or the community, and thus this post is meant to be purely hypothetical. The only aim of this topic is to discuss what the community thinks should be rewarded, should data ever be wiped in the future.

First and foremost, Alpha Gifts are the obvious one. If data is wiped, Alpha players should be able to claim yet another gift in Nilgarf. It doesn’t really matter what the gift consists of aside from the Chicken, because let’s be honest, what breed of gamer doesn’t want the Chicken

Referrals are a debatable one. As Berezaa has now firmly stated that the game will go free, wiping the data might be a good way to discontinue referrals, but should people who already have referred players get some kind of compensation? A solid percentage of all referrals are from alts anyway, so is it really fair to give people who didn’t “legitimately” use the system a gift? Are the 80 Robux purchases on the alt accounts enough to compensate for it being illegitimate? Like I said, debatable. I think perhaps a small gift is in order, but not something huge. Maybe a certain amount of Ethyr per referral on the account, or something similar.

Items, I believe, shouldn’t be accounted for. They should go along with the data wipe. However, item tiers should maybe play a role in the rewards given, as a player with loads of crowns, red tiers or even gold tiers obviously has put more time into the game than someone with just a single purple tier, and that extra devotion warrants some type of reward, doesn’t it? But what type of reward? and that’s the problem. This may be too tricky to implement though, and item tiers are also very variable, so perhaps it’s best left alone.

As for the Monster Book and Idols, I think they should carry through the data wipe, just like they carry across save slots, and I don’t see a single reason why this shouldn’t be the case.

Now the tricky stuff. Levels and Mushcoin. Levels should probably have a solid reward. Someone with 4 level 30 save slots should earn something more valuable than someone with 1 level 20 save slot (again going back to devotion), but what that reward should be is quite difficult to define. Obviously, bonus stat points and related things are out of the question. A headstart on the levels? Well, maybe, but that partially ruins the point of the data wipe. Maybe, say, 1 Holy scroll per level 30 account, or something similar? That might seem fair, but it could be economically breaking, and maybe a little too bias toward players who were previously very grindy. I think a good route to go could just be a special item, similar to the Lucky Boots. It should be defined by the sum of all save slot’s total xp, which produces a much more accurate and fair value than basing it off of levels. Say a certain amount of xp gets you to “threshhold 1”, where you’ll get a certain scroll, or (if following the "Lucky Boot idea) a certain item that wouldn’t be obtainable in any other way, then another amount of xp gets you to “threshhold 2”, etc etc. This would reward players who put the time and effort into the game with something they could be proud of and cherish, as well as adding items into the game that could vary in price, and thus add an extra layer of diversity into the game (over time, these items would be worth more, giving traders something to look for thats perhaps even RARER than crown). I haven’t brought Mushcoin into this because I think it should be completely ignored, or give a Ethyr reward (100 silver = 10 Ethyr, or equivalent), but this could be unfairly advantageous to people with 40 gold, but others may disagree and argue that there should be othe rewards for Mushcoin. Note that the amount of Mushcoin you have at the moment is probably going to sway your opinion on how good the reward should be.

There might be more to discuss, but this is about all I can think of right now. It might just end up that Berezaa makes a simple script that rewards certain amounts of Ethyr for simple requirements, and I guess that would completely fulfill the statement of “giving rewards”, but I thought I’d open this discussion anyway.

Remember this is purely hypothetical, I didn’t post this to upset anyone. It is a discussion, though, so as long as opinions are posted civilly, there won’t be any issues.

Have a good night :wave:

I think referrals should be removed entirely, it encourages toxic behavior like begging and black markets for alt accounts. Using a data wipe as a advantage to remove referrals is definitely something I look forward to in the event of a wipe. (there are also a lot of duped referrals that never got banned or removed, I still see people referring multiple people with one account and duping referrals)

Edit: To clarify, referrals should be wiped and removed permanently as a function and anybody who obtained them beforehand should not receive compensation.

I want my mushroom pet if this happens

If this happens I want my lucky boots and glitched mushcoin back lmao.