What places do you want to see

Dont really know if this should go here but I will just put it here

Pretty much make up your own place you want to see in the game

  • Give the place a name
  • Explain the place you want to see (Style Location etc)
  • Give the lvl you want to reach this place at
  • And lastly no trolls please

Thats it enjoy and have fun hope to see some of your ideas in the game one day :smiley:

I would give ideas but ber will probably take this down for “Not being a complete idea” he’s done it to like 3 of mine because i didn’t elaborate enough…

Same happened to me, @avoiided I recommend you move this to General Discussion if possible or edit the topic to be about one thing instead of people giving ideas.

idk if this topic will get taken down or not but I think it would be cool if there was an underwater city thingie kinda like Atlantis