What motivates you to play Vesteria?

forgive my historical accuracy if it is off, not a certified historian

From the day I clicked that 800 robux button, I was pretty excited to jump into this immersive one of a kind roblox MMORPG.

Vesteria was great in its Alpha state - frequent updates, a nice, smaller community to gather around, and other nostalgic things to go on and on about. I didn’t play religiously, but hopped on every few days in Alpha to see how things were growing.

Then came the near the release date of Beta; toxic Alphas who bought the game 3 minutes before beta released just to “flex” a red 𝛼, but overall toxicity didn’t go too far as most us supportive Alphas helped newcomers around (even some later Alphas like I, who didn’t play a lot) were guided as well.

This was around the streaming age of Vesteria as well, in the summer out of school. Many interacted with their communities vibrantly, lure/drop parties were happening, Vesteria was booming. Great times! fav streamer draggi

But over time, updates started to slow down a lot. Controversial topics like permadeath divided the community, an update drought and the community feeling dread, just wanting any kind of new content to release at all. Dev stream of new item leaks, shroompocalypse, QoL and bug fixes were all in queue. That sustained for a while, but eventually died down, quicker this time.

The enchantment wipe delays were also a bit of a ticky thing, upsetting a lot of the community. Around this time I really didn’t devote a lot of time to Vesteria; Colo was busted with lv60 swords, barely anyone in SQR, no new content at level 30 just yet. I started only getting on for major updates such as the enchantment wipe.

After the enchantment wipe, QoL updates started getting pushed out faster which gave some spiteful members of the community more trust in berezaa about getting updated out, only for a while.

Now up to present day. FW has just released and there’s already a lot of backlash from it. Why waste time trying to get to level 30 in 2 days? As of now, I still only play Vesteria to check out major updates a little, and I usually stay on for an hour; at most. Tried a little shroompoc to grab some scrolls (made a nice cute purple iron sword with greats) but party with randos always dies down. So I’m not pushed to get the best gear as of now.

The XP formula is as remains, totally busted. I can only do so much batty cage farming with a level 21 warrior.

One thing that really has interested me though is the developer choice to include lore! A backstory to Vesteria would be interesting to delve into and give us an understanding of the world. Other than this lore, there is no gameplay achievement to me as of now playing Vesteria.

Level 30 Mage, 21 Warrior, 13 Hunter.

So I ask you now; what motivates you to play Vesteria? What’s one of the things you want to complete?


become the future metapoly


To be the very best, like no one ever was.

Sadly, whenever I get motivated enough to hop on to Vesteria I get bored too quickly and leave. I guess it’d help if people did SQR and Shroompocalypse, then I might get on and do that for a bit.

so I could play an MMORPG most MMORPG I know is a cesspool of toxicity full of adults with agesm

I am motivated by trying to become a well known and important person in the community. This includes getting my guild to be well known and powerful.

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ah the old memories

i remember also pressing and purchasing vesteria on alpha stage since december 20 - 2018

and flexing at my friends for having access to alpha testing of vesteria

and the only mob that yields the most exp was the common spooder, giving 18 exp per kill at level 20+

and they also drop the spooder fang dagger, which was a 1/10,000 chance of dropping

it was a pain grinding until max level and made other alpha players to lazy to grind until a new mob is out

then, the scarecrow was introduced, giving like 20 or 22 exp per kill at level 22+, they also drop the sickle which is the melee hunter weapon

then the B E E S also got introduced, giving 20 exp perkill as well

mages, they are the most weakest class during early to mid alpha due to their zap only dealing 200+ damage to mobs and can only shoot one beam with a big mana cost of 35 MP, the hunters and warriors triumph the mages

during mid alpha, the rangers has arrived, a range choice for the hunter class, due to being unbalanced, the rangers were the big meta of mid alpha of vesteria dealing 400 - 600 damage per arrow and a whooping 1000+ with a barrage if 2 arrows hit

then, the spooder qween also arrived, spawning every 12 hours per day (twice per day)
(i also remember the angery moment of disconnecting when the queen was at half health and find her dead when i rejoin)

a few weeks later, CURSED SCROLLS were introduced by berezaa
with it’s unique upgrading skills, it is the most best and overused weapon upgrading scroll of alpha
making it very expensive costing 250 - 300 silver per scroll, but it has a 60% chance of working and a risky and regretful chance of 40% to fail and killing your weapon if it fails, thus only the richest and luckiest players can use and risk their weapons with cursed scrolls

S P O O D E R weapons were also introduced the same day as cursed scrolls, dropped by the spider queen at a 20% or 5% chance (i think) with their spooder themed appearance and good stats, mostly all players uses them and using cursed scrolls to make them even better, and the spooder fang dagger was moved to the spider queen’s drop poll and each spooder weapon costed 200 - 280s
(back when webbed staff used to be only 80 - 120s)

during mid-late alpha, the rangers were nerfed, making them lose their auto aim and bow damage nerfed,
most players still uses rangers because of their own reasons

mages, in the other hand got a zap buff, shooting their beams like a shotgun, this was the new meta of alpha stage vesteria

then, the colosseum update has dropped, marks of valors spawn by killing players, saving up the valors will let you purchase the exclusive colosseum armor for all classes (it was fun killing people for marks)

as time flies by, march 27 - april 1, the “jester event” announced by berezaa and polymorphic, this event features a jester that can spawn everywhere and mimic a player, this jester is to believe to drop the “jester hat” most players may have seen poly wearing it, it gives 4000+ Vitality and 99999999+ base damage, players were all excited for the hunt of the jester and obtaining it’s hat, but it has been scrapped and the event did not happen

as beta was almost released, there was a trend to bully the beta players by forcing them to give all alpha players the loot they get from spider queen and etc, the toxicity grew and grew more, but it has only lasted a week until everything went back to normal

as beta has dropped, more and more players has joined vesteria and are all newbies, meanwhile at nilgarf, there was a yellow man that i forgot the name that gives all alpha players an “alpha gift”
it requires 8 free spaces to be opened, when opened, it grants the player all premium items, a cursed scroll of ATK, 16x mighty subs. 20 mushroom soup, and a pet chicken.

but there was an error were some alpha players cannot seem to collect their alpha gift, berezaa instantly replied to this bug and fixed it, once it has fixed, all alpha players should be able to collect and claim their alpha gift, but the players who already claimed the gift can get another 2nd gift, thus getting 2 alpha-only chicken pet

then, during the 2nd day of beta, spider lair was removed in enchanted forest

a few weeks later, Spider queen’s revenge (SQR) was introduced (thus replacing spider lair), it is a dungeon raid of 20+ level players, only the strongest and toughest teams can complete the dungeon

a month later, all my friends has bought beta testing for vesteria, there were about 5 of them and they were all newbies, so it was a very hard task to handle to train them

as we advanced thru, shipwreck bottom, (a vesteria aquatic update for me) introduced 4 new mobs and a new hat aka the PIRATE HAT which gives 1+ dex and 5+ ARGHHH
the terror of the deep (whale) was also introduced

as many vesterians abused the money system and whale, berezaa announced wipe and money enchantment, well you already know the rest

this is all i can remember, thank you vesteria team for the good memories!

My slots:
lvl 30 mage, lvl 30 hunter, lvl 30 warrior, lvl 17 adventurer

p.s: im talking about the old memories and nostalgia of vesteria when i first bought access


Nothing. I quit.

Nothing yet, I’m waiting for a big update that adds a new area or a mob that’s near lvl 30 that I can grind to get lvl 30 as I can’t bother farming other lower mobs to lvl 30 even though that sounds pathetic.

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To recruit members into my personal Vesteria cult. And scroll farming.

assassin is dumb so i sold everything on there to level up a warrior to 30

it’s at 29

i’ll probably leave again after it gets to 30 until subclasses come out for real

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to get lvl 30 adventurer

but i gave up at 29 and havet touched vest in a while

Idk what to play so…

Also Im bored lol


the open economy helps me with real life problems and what to use money on.at that start i always spent ALL of my money,but now i always save to the least 100s in my pockets. the economy is very good and stable in many ways,and also cause i want to have the experiance of a mmorpg cause i never had a good one cause i was never born in the early 2000’s.

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Wow y’all lightweights.

I’m still grinding like there’s no tomorrow to test out those subclasses.

On a serious note, I’m trying to accumulate as much wealth as possible to prepare for the scroll rework in the near future for Vesteria Beta. And to test subclasses.

Nothing I’ll just leech off of Meta

I just enjoy optimizing everything on MMOS, from gear to the optimal way to deal most damage this brings out most of the fun for me.

Guess that testing Subclasses in FW was pretty okay too :^)

Personally, I aim to get all 4 slots to the level cap, whatever it may be in the future, and also get all the spider weapons. It’s not much, but I’m casual.

Who plays vesteria anymore? Im all about that Medieval Tycoon. Game kinda died when the 3 month drought started, now we have fReE wEEkEnD

I’ve never had any motivation to grind for experience in this game, but while I’m sitting in the Crossroads trying to sell my scrolls I spend some time talking to people. Perhaps it’s due to the paywall, but talking about literally anything with the players in this game is definitely an interesting experience.

Also, I can play Vesteria on a tablet. That’s a pretty big plus even for games that don’t have any standout qualities in particular.