What is your opinion on Vesteria so far?

Hey all, haven’t been very active lately on the forums but I’m now a contributor to Vesteria, so I’ll ask a couple questions while it’s in alpha.

  1. Have you enjoyed the gameplay so far? What are some weak points/good points to the gameplay?
  2. Do you like the environment? My personal favorite thing about it is the night/day cycle and the effect it gives.
  3. Which classes do you like? Which ones do you feel are too overpowered or too lackluster?
  4. And finally, what do you wish to see looking forwards in Vesteria?


The gameplay is excellent, especially for a game in alpha. Certain skills could be balanced and improved, but overall they are great so far. A weak point to gameplay is late-game, which is being worked on and I’m grateful for that. Some good points are the combat, drops, and epic animations.

I love the environment, and the music seems to fit perfectly with each map. I especially like the Redwood Pass area, as it snows as you get closer to the mountain of Warrior Stronghold. It creates a pretty beautiful effect.

Warriors are the master race, yet I can’t decide whether my favorite class is that or Mage. They have their pros and cons, but I love Warrior for their high damage, pretty insane mobility, and sustainability in combat, which makes them OP. Mages are at a great disadvantage atm with Zap not working, but that will be fixed very soon. I like Mages because of their Magic Bomb, which with high INT deals a lotta damage with an AoE, making crowd control a lot easier. It seems that Hunters lack that crowd control capability since Execute has a smaller hitbox.

I’m looking forward to subclasses, less bugs, various improved aspects in gameplay, boss raids, legendary items, and a lot more things! I see a lot for the future of Vesteria, and I can’t wait for a great amount of content to come our way as the weeks pass!


i like gameplay, good gameplay. more please

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i want more chairs

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Hidden areas.

With chairs.

it meh

It’s pretty good, but as a console player it is pretty buggy so it makes it very hard to play.

The game is perfectly smooth on my pc.

What issues to you have besides dialogue being screwy?


It needs tag and hide n seek.

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Definitely have enjoyed the gameplay so far, I love exploring the worlds searching for treasure, the only weak point I’d give as of right now is that there isn’t a lot of content.

If with environment you are referring to the worlds in themself and that stuff, I definitely love walking around these world, and again, searching for treasure chests and secrets.

Well, I’ve only played on mage, and I really enjoy being a mage.

Spiders doing cha-cha-cha. Vesteria definitely needs spiders doing cha-cha-cha

I really am enjoying it so far, that as soon as I woke up all I thought was…Hmm I think I should play some Vesteria. After purchasing the game and being able to hop into a server: I spent around 3+ hours just grinding and grinding, getting more familiar in joy. I decided to go with the Warrior class and so far, I don’t got much to say but say that I am excited to represent and stay as loyal as possible to this clan/ class. I look forward to see more quests that make you really have to work hard, to accomplish instead of just making it a goal to pick up like 25 mushroom spores, etc. As to making it a goal to go to different parts of the world to find gifts/ treasures and meeting different classes, helping or fighting against them. One bias weak point is the damn mushrooms literally flinging you across the dang map without you even trying to make that your goal, the long journey back to get where you need to go. I like the movement and idea of the game which is why I purchased it and I am not that disappointed, so far so good.

I have in fact, enjoyed the gameplay so far. The only weak point I’ve noticed so far is the lack of content available to players. Yes, I know the game is currently in Alpha and I can’t wait until they add more content!

I love the maps. They are so beautiful, I sometimes find myself just exploring and taking pictures. Check out my pictures here and feel free to post your own pictures!

I enjoy playing as a Warrior and will continue to do so down the line. I plan on making another character slot a Warrior so I can play as 2 of the sub classes in the future. If I was to rate the faction/classes from good to bad currently, It would be (Warrior > Hunter > Mage). #WarriorsUnited

I can’t wait for Sub Classes, Guilds, Mounts, and other amazing content to be added! Especially new maps I can take awesome pictures in!

  1. It’s great! Haven’t been this hyped for a roblox game ever!

  2. The environment and buildings and structures and all that are really good.

  3. Mage is epic.

  4. I feel that classes and subclasses should have different left click attacks to help differentiate them (eg mage casting a ranged magic projectile, paladin doing some holy slash, archers shooting arrows, hunters having like quick multi slashes, etcetera). I find it odd that every single class has the same left click attack, and that mages primary damage output is swinging a staff. I realize there will be more skills, but it would be a shame to make the left click button obsolete for mage, its the most used and accessible button on a computer.

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I like hunter and I think at the current moment that warrior is much much stronger than the other classes.

Its great, explored so much I found some placeholder areas https://gyazo.com/ecae4ff883b22d7259b6e2dbcafe6bc8

I can’t stop laughing at that LMAO

1- It’s great and I see a lot of potential in the game, however, it currently feels like it’s promoting maxing out your characters and not having fun. This makes people feel as though the game is all grind based. It’s the shell of what could be the best MMORPG in Roblox history and stand tall through the span of time. With what I hear from the team’s plans it sounds like it will be extremely fun with more dev time behind it.

2- It looks really good! I’m excited for things like more bad$#^ looking armor. Nilgarf is an extremely impressive build without being overly complex and I think it highlights what the team is capable of. You have chosen an excellent style for the game with even better execution.

3- I’m very iffy talking about classes in present time. Honestly I don’t think it should be worried about until subclasses come and, for that, I’ll give my key points to why I think as such. First off, I think everyone will say Warrior is op but I think there is one thing to highlight here- not everyone seems to understand that in MMOs not every class is for primary dps. Mage for support, Warrior for primary, Hunter for offhand (IE boss minions). That’s how I beleive it should be. To make the game work like this I’d leave it up to the dev team to pushing these roles with the release of PMK. It takes a lot of thinking but classes can be forced into getting used for the right things if you design, not just the classes but the monsters too, just right. This will be made way easier in PMK so :crossed_fingers: gl team on that. Secondly, you shouldn’t spend too much time “balancing” something that will be changed anyway. I think this should be done when subclasses are out as to not disturb the balance that would be created. Subclasses will force people into seeing the game differently so it would be like building a wall despite knowing you’ll have to knock it down and rebuild it shortly after.

4- This question has far too many answers. I’ll give a brief name definition of some things and move on as to not drag this out any longer. The answer to movement (teleportation vs mount), tons of guild stuff, raids (and PMK), mass PvP overhaul (I plan on making a video completely about this topic soon), map expansions that implore exploration, minigames, non “get me x items” quests, subclasses, and more updates to encourage fun over grind.

I’m a game developer and huge MMO(rpg) aficionado so I’d be honored if you have any questions about my reply to let me know and I can explain in more detail.

This is an awesome kind of thread idea and I’d like to see more of these in the future!

Edit: Oh oh, I should point out hunter should be way faster than warrior and mage. ROLL NERF KTHX. (and launch bug fix)

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