What is your favourite type of Vestaria Event

Like My other Poll Title Says it all

  • 3v3 battle at Warrior Stronghold
  • Free For All At Port Fidelio
  • 1v1 In Testing
  • 2v2 In Testing
  • Hide and Seek on Any Map

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If theres an Idea im missing that would be cool just slide it down in the comments it would be appreciated
I know this is low effort but its helpful for me to know what ppl like
Edit: If you Want to join in on These Events Join Here

Never done any but hide and seek could be interesting.

We held a Hide And Seek once already and it went well i just need to keep better track of the Points

What’s Vestaria?

Whos Meta

I think it’s just another name for W // Z… :thinking:

i think its lvl 45 berserker fully ancient moko clubs 16 spider essence max blade spin hog meat etc etc

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problem with hide and seek now is that the leaderboard goes in order of who’s closest to you, giving you a good hint on where the hiders are

Are you serious i might no tdo an event this week cause everything is screwed up pvp is wierd with everyone 1 shotting eachother and now my fallback has issues
I might just take a week break

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what if there is a party consisting of 2 seekers and 4 hiders and the seekers arent allowed to scroll down on leaderboards, covering up the leaderboard issue