What is the rarest badge you have?

Go to https://forum.playvesteria.com/badges and find which badge you have has the least amount of others that have it.

The rarest badge I have is Aficionado.


Not me but hmmmmmm


My rarest is actually wiki editor, but that badge is just broke. Regular is probably actually my rarest.

That’s gonna get revoked.

I’m addicted to the forums :+1:

excuse me why don’t you have a title

I have Campainer and leader. And the weekly stew’s account got new user of the month.

Flex :weary:

I have Regular. Campaigner and Promoter don’t count for me, they aren’t legit.

my rarest is probably coming soon :sneezing_face:

probably regular lol

Basic :disappointed_relieved:


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Probably regular, I just got it too, and I love it.


I think this is the rarest badge that’s been awarded legitimately :thinking:

edit: it’s like tied with great share and famous link for the rarest badges that have been obtained by anybody. but there’s a couple that nobody has gotten yet…

Only 1 other person has it, so yeah, probably

cough cough Megami cough cough


Just noticed only 113 people have the “First Share” badge, making it rarer than “Enthusiast” (and almost rarer than “Regular” :stuck_out_tongue:)

Wiki Editor