What is the most likeable NPC in your opinion and why you likes em

Why you like that NPC? why you remembers them? and why they were likeable?
I’m curious about your opinion so please leave a comment here!


The most likeable NPC in vesteria is obviously Lil Pump.

why they like em? is he a good character? basically what makes him likeable by the community

the award for the most liked NPC in Vesteria obviously goes to the big boomer that complains about adventurers trampling her lawn

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I believe the best character in Vesteria is Mississippi Bones because he is almost the only character in game with a character arc. The other NPC’s either sell things, give quests, put you in a faction/subclass or talk to you. His character also gives the most lore in the game and also raises more questions. How does Tal-Rey compare to Versa and Terul? As mentioned in the lost journal, the spirits of the dead whisper to you. So, how does the afterlife in Vesteria work? And how exactly does Tal-Rey’s powers work?

We need more characters with depth in Vesteria, although I understand that the game is an “open-world MMORPG” game.


All spiders are hostile and here she is asking if you have an appointment and letting you progress even if you don’t. She doesn’t attack as she is a gamer and has a headset

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The guy who fell down the well.

We like him because he is the true OG. He is also very epic. He was likable because he gave me the mage class in the play-tests.

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My favorite is a tough one.
On one side, I kinda agree with @Lord_Kyrian, seeing that old lady’s grumbling the first time ever was hilarious.
On another, I agree with @Markgaming_MLO, Mississippi Bones does add some interesting lore implications and much more to explore.
On yet another, I agree with @Voltatex, Pam is actually kinda nice … for a spider.

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Monsieur Fred, not just because he is epicly rich and sells epic eythyr items, but because he is ascended which hints at rebirthing.

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the Ratking after you get the bucket

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that dude with the aviators in the dunes outpost

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I like Brutus the city guard because he kills people if their to low level, saying that the world doesn’t need weaklings.

He genuinely KILLS them?!?! Or does his kick just fling them out of the map? If he actually kills them, ber has some SERIOUS explaining to do.