What is better f or q for shunpo dash for hunters

In my opinion, I feel like q is better because it’s close to w a s d.
let me know your opinions

I use e since it’s next to w

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I also use q, it’s right next to w-a-s-d and my q key is usually for movement in any game.

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am i weird?
i use r :confused:


f is good

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Samee!!! r is my key for all transportation abilities

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I use E for all my movement abilities

I use 1 because I’m pretty used to the old controls

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Personally I use F for my movement abilities since I could just slide my index finger to the right and I’m accustomed to it.

Just use early beta controls, I get frustrated when people talk about their set-ups like this, just play like its WoW Or use alpha-early beta keybinds becasue you guys must have spider fingers or something

I get really mad when people use these new controls I mean who doesn’t use the number keys for their abilities, omg if u don’t u should start it’s so much easier just try it and u will see what I mean.

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and if not at least use “b” because it’s near jump so simple.

e is the best

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e is i n v e n t o r y like bruh

y is breh

Y is wack unless you have spider fingers or a micro-processing keyboard

V is my inventory. Sometimes tab.

Minecraft training dictates E is inventory.

yes, :heart: minecraft

I binded Shunpo to 2 keys, 2 and E