What is a guild?

I don’t really know much about guilds since I only came back to Vesteria a week ago. What does making a guild entail? What kind of upkeep would I need to do for my guild to be considered active?

Also, guilds aren’t really clear to me. What is the hierarchy of a guild and what can each member do? I heard you can level up your guild, what does that do for you?

And for context, I just wanted to make a guild for casual players that just want to play casually with other people.

Currently, guilds are not much developed. However, joining a guild displays its name under your ROBLOX name in Vesteria.

There are only up to 10 slots currently, but the upcoming Guild Update may increase it.

Only the Guild Update will tell what else we can do with guilds.

Oh, and you can chat with your guild with /guild.

The default ranks (Currently can not be altered) are

Member, Officer, and General.

The Guild Hall that is coming up soon can be upgraded for money, it will be costly, however.

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For upcoming guild updates, check out Berezaa on guild halls.

With the direct question of what is a guild, a guild would be a small player group with a title display under their in-game username with the ability to talk via a multiserver chat by doing /guild. For a more vague answer, a guild would be a group of players that join for a common cause or just being friends. If it were to be an opinion, it would be that a guild is there to interact with its active members and to organize activities together for fun. Other than that, guilds can be whatever the members want it to be, but without a certain cause, most guilds just collapse and are never heard from again. If you make the guild, good luck!

I like how everyone is helpful on here, keep it up. :slightly_smiling_face: