What if Cursed Scrolls didn't break anymore?

With the new update that has come out today (2/17/2020) on Vestaria, we see a small change to the Ancient Scroll (15% -> 10% and +3 -> +4) and a pretty significant change to the Cursed Scroll. Cursed Scrolls can now give a buff to your weapon of +2 to +7 but, can now give you negative stats from -2 to -7 (Ex. Base Stats is 170 then you use a Cursed Scroll giving -3. This means your weapon now has a base of 167.) and Cursed Scrolls now have a 20% break chance from the 50% they originally had.

Now this brings me to this question of this post.

What if the Cursed Scroll didn’t break weapons/armors anymore but, instead only gave negative stats when it fails.

The reason I ask this is because even if you use a Cursed Scroll and it doesn’t fail/break your weapon, it could lower your stats instead of making it higher. Meaning that you have to worry not just about your stats lowering but, you still have to worry about losing your item.

What I think should happen to the Cursed Scrolls is have them have a 50/50 chance of raising stats and lowering stats so people could still have the risk of failure but, not have to completely worry about losing their hard earned weapon. I do propose that if the Cursed Scrolls still need a higher risk, make the debuff from -2 to -7, to -2 to -10.

if scrolls didn’t break what would be the point of using it?

Still having the chance of losing stats. Having a chance to lower both stats and having your item break is in my opinion a bit too risky.

It already does that curse scroll has a small chance to give you debuff aswell

I agree with this if we get something more ‘evil’ in the scrolls department, like the calamity scrolls that were once discussed. Those calamity scrolls can have a chance to destroy, ruin stats, what have you, while these cursed could be a tamer alternative that can just ruin stats.