What I would do with Warlock (mage subclass)

BEFORE WE START I just want to say this is NOT a rant, so please don’t just yeet this out of existence

In this topic, I would like to talk about what I would do with The Warlock abilities, as many people from the mage community seem to be a little upset with how warlock is

SIDE NOTE- these abilities have all been maxed out as I haven’t had the time to try every single ability on its ever level

First ability- Dark Ritual

I have 2 ideas, (after having some people tell me, and considering it, the first change should not go through and it should stay health for mana, but still imo, should be increased) the first one is to completely turn it around, 50 mana for 100 hp in return, but while at it multiply it 5, making it 250 mana for 500 hp in return. My second thought, mostly because this can easily be counteracted by pots and stuff, to remove the skill.

Second Ability- Dark Pulse
I feel pretty good about this ability, there are only a few things (I the poster would) to change about this ability, make the radius to about 15, maybe 16. After 12 units, make the slowness effect lower per unit. The final thing I would do is lower the cooldown by 1 or 2 seconds. To top it off add a few Mp to counteract the change.

Third Ability- Pillage Vitality

Great ability, very few changes I would make, first one being is to make the Projectile Speed a little faster. The Second thing being (bolded and italicized because I feel like this is probably the greatest thing I feel like should be added that I have thought of) make the healing a percentage based ( i high one) on the health of the enemy, other factors could be the level of the enemy and the caster.

Final Ability- Simulacrum

I first must say, I love this ability, and again, only a few changes. The first change I would do is increase the radius of the chase and make him a little faster. I would make the radius about 20 units and increase the speed by 15% of what it is. The second change, increase the mana of this, make the mana like 25 or something, the mana is way too low for what you are getting.

If you read everything then thank you so much and if this was too long for you, I made a TL;DR thingy.

TL;DR- increase the power of all of them and some of the mana too, for Pillage Vitality, make the healing a (high) percentage instead of fixed number

I like your ideas - to me they don’t make the class over powered, nor under powered. One thing I should say is that dark ritual should stay health for mana. If it were mana for health then that would be close to what cleric is. And clerics are much better healers than warlocks. That way, you can sacrifice your hp for mana as a warlock and a cleric in your party can restore it.

yea i kinda see that now

I even think Simulacrum should follow like stand from anime games on roblox but with slight different and just do the same thing you order

Hiya. I’m a warlock and I agree about what you say - for the most part. I think dark ritual is fine as it is because like @Hawt_Pocket said that would be more of a cleric move. It should also stay at 100 HP to 50 MP, because you can repeatedly do it, with a cooldown of .5 seconds if you have high INT. I feel like dark pulse, as cool looking as it is, just isn’t really worth putting points into. It may seem cool (it needs a new icon but I’m sure they’re working on it) at first glance but I regret actually getting it. The cooldown is kind of annoying and there should be a double pulse at level 4. I know it would make warlock double pulse OP because with a simulacrum you’d be doing 4 times the damage than before without simulacrum, but warlock kind of needs it. Pillage vitality has trash base healing. Though we aren’t clerics, we do deserve a bit more healing. I’d start around 50 and make it up to 150, because clerics do get a lot over that. Pillage vitality also needs a way better aimbot, seriously. Oh and maybe make it so it can go through walls? Maybe a farther distance because my simulacrum can’t do anything from a lot of places. Simulacrum should increase duration over levels. It’s kind of weird to have something that just stays there for 20 seconds. It should also move, because it’s kinda useless to have to wait for the cooldown after you explode it if you need it in a rush and you just placed it somewhere. I do love it but it could be improved. ok pece and luv xoxo

Yeah but can we talk about how TRICKSTER NEEDS A REWORK AND BUFF?


  • the mage gang ( and subclasses )

would have been cool if this idea happened

Wild and wacky idea:

Make warlock the hybrid class, a la trickster and paladin.

Convert Pillage Vitality to a physical attack or even a basic attack passive.

Dark Pulse focuses more on debuffs, pulling affected targets towards the center.

Simalcrum pursues right from the get go - move copying done inbetween the summoning and explosion.

Dark Ritual gets exponentially more effective the less health the warlock casting it has.

Pillage does have good aimbot, just it aims to where the enemy was at the time so I think you mean faster Pillage, but I’ve only used pillage in the testing realm so idk for sure. Going through walla would be way to op if you think about it, farming behind walls would be so broken. Simulacrum would be to op to move, and I’m not sure how games work but wouldn’t it put a lot of stress on the server if a group of warlocks was fighting?

No it really doesn’t. It should go where you want it instead of attacking random enemies. Its kind of just annoying because you can’t choose where you want it to go. Glad the new update is here