What I dislike most about the new update and how they could fix it

Note: You might not understand if you don’t play on mobile.

The photo was taken on my mobile phone. I usually play on my tablet. (I’ll get one on my tablet maybe later.)

My first thoughts: The new update is AWESOME. I nice refreshing look. My damage has also been increased so yay kill stuff faster.

Now, the main problem. You all probably expected I would say this, so it shouldn’t come as a shock.
Quite a bit of the time I spend playing Vesteria now days is on mobile. So this is a big problem. My fingers can’t accurately press the hotbar buttons. Especially when I play on my tablet, the buttons are too small. I find myself missing jumps in sqr due to the fact that i miss the jump button /movement ability. Or when trying to drink a potion. You can probably see why this is a bit annoying. Honestly, I was fine with the original layout. Please do something to help.

My Idea"

I propose that the GUI can be customisable in size. For example, you could make the leaderboard smaller, but the hot at larger.

I was actually just playing Vesteria on my phone this morning. Same problem. Good idea.

I don’t play on mobile much, but I mostly don’t because of how cramped and inaccessible the GUI is… Great idea.

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