What happens if you get 1000 gold?

Do you get a diamond?

Nope. Nothing happens. It’s just 1000 gold.

give 1g to everyone & cause inflation


Gonna use them to pay my bills

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Simple! becomes platinum mushcoin!


alphas get 2g :clown_face:

You get a platinum coin.

Is this true?

No, I don’t believe platinum coins were ever implemented
If it was recently though, then its possible I just haven’t checked in a while

You get banned for having too much gold

They were:

P stands for Platinum, he is talking about next guild update and different level guilds. MarkgamingMLO

Well Platinum hasn’t been added yet. I just went into testing realm and tried with a friend. Mobile sucks and I accidentally got disconnected while trying to take a screenshot though.

If you want to repeat the experiment and see for yourself, go into Testing Realm with a friend and have them get money from the guy there that classes you and trade it to you. Eventually you’ll pass 1000g. I hit 1010g with no platinum.

Platinum may be added, but it hasn’t yet.

When bere was talking about guilds he said that he would add plat when people started getting 1k gold (not sure if anyone has reached that yet).

Thats gonna take a realllllllly long time

bro u stole this from Berezaa on guild halls u cringe

poopy, i know, using it as evidence

give credit or u cringe

Yes maam

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