What future subclasses are you going to try out?


  • Paladin (Support Warrior)
  • Beserker (unconfirmed DPS?)
  • Tank Subclass?

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  • Assasin (DPS Hunter)
  • Ranger (Hunter with Bows)
  • Alchemist (Status effect inflicting Hunter)

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  • Warlock (Tank Mage)
  • Sorcerer (DPS Mage)
  • Cleric (Support Mage)

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Idk, I like to have lots of strength.

Waiting for the Subclass that’s the most trash


Tank, Ranger, Sorcerer and Cleric cause i’ve never tried healing

All of them. Unless we can’t switch subclasses or delete characters, in which case I’m doing Warlock, Sorcerer, and Paladin.

all of the mage sub classes boy

I plan to main hunter, but I’d like to test out alchemist, paladin, or cleric.

Assassins are always fun to play, good dps and stealthy at the same time

i thought paladin was tank im goin for the tank subclas

Probably gonna do paladin so I can just heal myself, have more sustain, and farm harder.

Definitely trying out both the Paladin and the Tank subclass.

Also you misspelled berserker.

I love being a support player in games, so I’m excited to try out the Cleric Mage.

assassin, ranger, berserker (depending on how valuable tanks become) and idk if i will make a mage untill distant future