What Faction Will You Choose?

Unless a dev wants to tell us how everything in the game works, I’ll have to make a whole lot of saves.

Lol Yuji, gl with that wiki. btw I might help sometime if u want idk. Imma do all just cause I wanna try each of them out, but most likely I will main Mage.

Berezaa be going with that Mage.

mage cuz range attacks r :b:est

warrior all the way >: )

All of them cuz nolife

I would mostly go mage because I want to go cleric to heal and also like magic ALOT. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m happy when I heal other persons and sometimes they say “Thank You”. That’s enough for me anyway. :blush:

Usually I have a friend, who chooses a Tank/Warrior as his class to protect me. :relaxed:

I’m expecting Warrior to be the strongest since that’s the general trend for multi-class RPGs, but the others weren’t that bad when I tried them either.

In An Upright 1 VS 1 Obviously Hunter Or Warrior Will Be The Strongest, Most Likely Warrior Due To The Amount Of Health Trumping Execute, As Mage Just Doesn’t Have The Damage Output Of The Other Two.

definitely gonna have one character save for each faction but my main will be a hunter. i’ve always preferred the rogue-type classes in RPGs

There’s got to be some form of perks and cons for each faction.

I think it depends tbh, I mean I wanna see before I chose though from an outside view I chose warrior :>

My main is Mage, but I’m definitely eyeing Hunter for a second account.

Nofear wtf are you talking about, mages are supposed to be the best dps class but lowest health, the warriors have least damage and most health or vise versa depending on your build, what are you on about?

Also Eden you don’t need a second account, you can have like 7 saves per account

I really hope that the hunter will have a ton of mobilty and dodge abilities

Yup, tons of mobility and damage. You sacrifice durability in fights in exchange.

I know, that’s what I mean, haha.

hunter is for cool kids

I posted few suggestion of Hunters ability moveset before, i even made few gifs about em to give you guys few cool ideas of how a fun mobilty based rouge/hunter class would work as.

here’s the link to it btw: Hunter/Rouge type movesets ideas