What does the magenta potion do?

i would like to know what the new magenta potion is, i have found no data looking it up, can someone tell me what is is? like, what effect? does it give an effect or only speed boost?


Heal 600 HP, purchase able for (I want to say 1 silver) in guild halls tier 3

ONLY heals for 600, better off eating a sub lol

Yeah but you can hold 2x the magenta potions which might be better for when your grinding for awhile and don’t wanna go get another supply of subs which also brings me to the next thing is once u have gotten a tear 3 guild hall there more easily accessible then subs

But I’m not going to lie even then i would still eat subs so what i said doesn’t even matter.

so you would rather have a boss so 900 damage to you and heal 600 every 2 seconds then 1000 every 2 seconds?

You would rather use a consumable? cleric noises

no no i never said that i said i prefer subs anyways I’m just stating why players might rather use magenta potion.

Question Answered.