What does dex do? Wondering why you should choose dex over strength for hunters

Just wondering what dex exactly does and how it crits as it doesn’t seem to crit whenever i use execute or my basic attack. Also as to why everyone is telling me to put my stat points into dex instead of strength for hunters.

Basic rpg standards. Str for warrior class. Dex for hunters, intel for magic, defence for tanks, ect. Its just the best way to build your class for most situations. As for efficency and god builds… well that is why we play the game. :sunglasses:

DEX is currently not implementing fully, soon it will…

  • Increase CRIT chance
  • Increase ATKSPD ( maybe …)
  • Increase Max Stamina
  • Increase Stamina regen

Only the first point is done, but IMO done poorly. We’ll tweak it to make it more impactful.


Let me lay down some knowledge. For the strength stat, it only increases your BASIC ATTACK damage, not your ability damage. Warrior’s ability scales with strength, that’s what makes it a unique ability. Hunter’s ability does not, it only scales with weapon attack power, and the upgrade tier of the ability itself. The only way you could increase the damage of hunter’s abilities through stats is to give them an increased chance of being a critical hit. Upgrading dexterity would also make hunters more evasive, since you want to completely avoid attacks rather than just decrease the damage of them.
strength doesn’t increase the damage of hunter’s ability, only dexterity does