What do your hotbars look like?

Interested to hear. Here’s mine:

if that looks weird or would give you a hand cramp, it’s because i don’t use WASD like everyone else does, so it affects the way i use other keys


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Gotta get that easy access to them keys somehow, I guess.

I don’t really use Regeneration much so it’s not bound to any key, I just click on it if need be.


Dang AnswerRemoved flexing that bounty hunter gamepass

wait a minute the book still gives money?


It saves old progress. If you already finished the book (like I did) then you don’t get to redo bounties.

too lazy to add the side bar thing, but it just has

Inventory = V (will prob change)
Abilities = Z
Quests = G
Settings = J

i would put my mage, but i still need to work on it for a bit

471 purple potions and 307 orange potions :weary:

Stay hydrated, keep plenty of water on you!

:dab: perks of having stacks of 99

where is your guilds tab

I used to have massive stacks but I used all of them lol. Had a 99 stack of subs.


Not in a guild.


i dont use mana/healt pots since im warlock ;p


Traveling now, but I have it memorized:

WASD movement
Inventory on E
Thundercall on R
Magic Bomb on B
Flare on 2
Heal on Q
Mana pots on 3
Subs on 1
Either regen or missile on V, probably changing that
Res on 0 so I don’t accidentally hit it
probably other things too but will Edit later