What do you think should be the final boss?

What should be the final boss in Vesteria? Should it be big? Small?

Where should this boss be located? What kinds of items would it drop? (Pets? Ethyr? Special Scrolls?)

What should be the final boss’s level? 80? 120? 200?

my idea:

a big wyverm in the sky thats super super long, should be a dungeon in the sky island or something

level 200 and drops a Vesra’s/Terul’s scroll.

The scrolls are 70% and they have the power to give +30 weapon atk, +10 to every stat, and +10% crit chance

If failed, the weapon would explode, killing you in the process

last pet should be the boss itself, and the mount should be the boss itself

gives 10-20 ethyr crystals in defeat

so what are your thoughts?

Small! SMALL! No no no Big I want a 5 hour dungeon, multiple bosses, multiple drops, I want it to be partly in nilgarf then we take a plane or something to versa and teruls castle in the sky or something, then we gotta fight their minions and stuff then versa and terul combine and thats the last boss. I can go on for hours now… thanks a lot.

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i think thats a good idea but about the area itself it should be the cloud dimension with a ship like the wayfarer coming off warrior stronghold, this ship while u are on it you fight a random attack which is a raven attack but theres ltos of ravens, the cloud dimension should be a medieval castle housing vesra and terul (like a godly palace) and the boss should be a combination of vesra and terul, but to fight them u have to fight them sepretaly by yourself (a one time battle) kind of like smash bros the vesra and terul combined battle can be done as a party quest or u can have your guild take it on. this final battle would drop ethyr and the pegasus mount which can be summoned via another hud hot key, as for scrolls i would keep the scrolls we have rn. during the solo battle after beating terul u should get a dagger (hunter) staff (mage) or sheild (knight) or sword (berserker), during vesras fight you get the second item u need bow (hunter) spell book (mage) sword (knight) sword berseker.

i was in the middle of typing my essay apprently we have the same idea, no im nto copying ur idea its jsut i was writing while u posted incase that question comes up

How about fighting a legion of shadow clones of the best of each faction; like Tal-Rey or Greybeard or the Knight o the Night etc.

You get to fight berezaa himself :jellyclown:

I feel like the final boss should be a solo fight, just to get vesterians to prove themselves


I think the final boss of Vesteria should be an upped version of the “R E D M U S H R O O M” mob that he used during one drop party to annihilate everyone. I think this because you start off by fighting mushrooms, which are the easiest mobs in the game, so it would be a cool plot twist if the toughest were also mushrooms. (Also like luckdragon said it would be cool if its a solo fight, where each class is faced the same level of difficulty fighting it).

final boss should be Todd, u just die. no drops no nothing just death.

The orb.

Cough cough shot guns, aa12 snipers. not much to prove

a chimera created by vesra and terul specifically for vesteria’s strongest battler
this boss will question your place in the debate, strength in numbers or independent power
also when you beat it vesra and terul nuke vesteria when they realise who has better ideals, initiating an escape sequence


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I actually love the idea of a 5 hour dungeon. That sounds incredibly hardcore and unreasonable but I would totally do it.

Probably either fighting Vesra or Terul depending on your actions taken throughout the game.

Now I know an idea like this would be completely unreasonable to actually do, but hear me out: What if all major decisions made throughout the game added either “Vesra Points” or “Terul Points” to you, which are these sort of “points” that you can’t really see, and instead you can only know which path you’re on based on what the Oracle tells to you (ex. “You seem to be following the path that Vesra has laid out for you” or “You seems to be following the path that Terul has laid out for you”)

Actions that could contribute to your Vesra/Terul Points are picking a subclass (which heavily affects your Vesra/Terul allegiance, except for if you pick a neutral one in which case no points are added/subtracted), killing enemies with certain weapons a lot (Terul’s Talon, Vesra’s Eviscerator, etc.) or doing other things in the future like praying in certain shrines to Terul or Vesra and stuff like that.

You can challenge the final boss when you reach a certain area which requires a certain level to get to, and based on if have more Vesra Points or Terul Points, you will fight the opposite god. To get there, though, you have to do something wild. Maybe like a raid full of extremely powerful, constantly spawning enemies which you have to survive for two hours, with short, 1 minute breaks between enemy waves every 10 minutes and a miniboss wave followed by a large break after an hour.

When you finally get to the two hour mark, you are pitted against an extremely difficult boss, and if you beat them then you get access to the final area. This area contains a shop to restock, and an NPC who will let you enter into a battle with Vesra or Terul.

No clue what would happen after, though.

Multiple stages. Requires balanced party. :kissing:

I’d imagine Terul/Vesra superpowering mobs like baby shrooms to make a Gigantashroom or something to kill u

Terul because in the dunes he says that the player will fight terul with the weapon he gives the player

i hope the vesra boss look g o od :flushed:

this can be the ship