What do you think should be added to the classes?

I’ve been wondering what you people think about the classes. Due to the fact that I can’t play as much due to how it is only open on Saturday. I pretty much assume that…

  1. Hunter is a low range class that requires you to get up-close and personal to do damage, with (hopefully) speed increasing skills to help you out. This class has higher damage weapons.

  2. Warrior is a medium range class with weapons that have about the same range as a wooden club. Hopefully having skills that increase your resistance to attacks dealt by enemies.

  3. Mage is a high range class with a slow attacking weapon, so you can stay away. The skills on the mage are most likely magical and allow you to, raise stats of you, and your allies, and allow you to shoot long range projectiles.

I would like to see what you guys think of it :wink: