What do you think about my new idea for this game

Umm I thought of an idea of making a chain skill. In an example, if you press one key, 3 skills are activated back to back. Also, same skills could be in there like 3 stone throwing. What do you guys think about my idea? Grammar may be wrong Edit: you can select skills

That sounds like a really cool idea, if i could i would put that in the game. but its up the devs about this one chief

The Idea seem interesting… I think it would be to strong for beginners, but as you level up I think that would be cool.

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this would be pretty good for mages (well cause im a mage) and if there are more spells then it’s definitely gonna be nice to spam 3 power spells instantly killing enemies. Anyways, this is an interesting idea.


but I don’t think they’re gonna add any moves for mage this time, I may be wrong, also they’ll probably just gonna be medium damage-spells.