What do you think about mage early game?

People like me have seen the falls and rises of mage, but as I’m leveling up my mage slot (currently, its level 23), I’ve noticed very unsmooth gameplay. I am talking about levels 10-30 mage, not sorcerer or other mage subclass gameplay.

  • I use melee attack 80% of the time despite being a mage? This was my confusion when I first played mage in Alpha and the confusion would be continuing still because I’m still not using magic as a mage. This is important because mages only have 3 skills, while hunter & warrior has more.

  • No boots, only yeti or worn boots.

  • Thundercall takes 8 whole seconds, and some consider it useless still since it gives weak damage to 10 very close targets a radius around you.

  • Only 3 moves, a mobility (blink), a bad ability w/ huge CD (thundercall), and a dex-dependent magic bomb (if you want to do damage early on, 35 dex).

This lack of gameplay, with warriors and hunters getting the shined light (Boots, Unique weapons & armor like Sickle, Ratking bucket, and Icicle) as I have discussed in Mage needs stuff

This gameplay is so unsmooth, an ability dependant early-game class that immediently draws people away from the class and into a new one unless they wish to suffer for rewards like Sorcerer’s AoE, like grinding for Ranger despite it being potentially boring.

It’s not fun being a mage, and no one wants to level up to level 11 mage and then realizing “This was a whole waste of time, I heard hunters are cool with their Daggers and Bows” and then moving on to that faction.

With Rebirths going on, I’ve realized that if I want to rebirth my Cleric over and over again, I must suffer early game mage nonstop, especially considering how Cleric only has heal, res, and flare (Half a minute COOLDOWN, but being changed luckily to something potentially better). Over and over again, I must level all the way back to level 1, start with like STR or DEX or something and smack people with a stick without any combat abilities that rely on STR or DEX when I reach level 10 and regain my mage faction.

This is why I’ve proposed this idea: Magic Tomes: Basic Attack

Now that I am done with my opinion, what is yours? (early-game mage = level 10-30 mage)

  • I play mage - I think the early-game mage is unsmooth
  • I play mage - I think the early-game mage is smooth
  • I do not play mage - I’d imagine that early-game mage is unsmooth
  • I do not play mage - I’d imagine that early-game mage is smooth

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Playing as base class mage is just unfun with the only light at the end of the tunnel being subclasses. It took 3 mage bombs to kill something of my level, to the point where whacking enemies with your staff is more efficient.

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I strongly agree with this and the tomes post.

Mages need more love

I thought ber was the king and creator of mages, totally agree with this post.

Good post, but the word your looking for is rough or unpolished.

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Another aspect I’ve forgotten is the fact that they only have 3 abilities. It’s pretty low considering how other factions have more.


Technically hunter also has three with one being double jump an all I wouldn’t really consider it one.

They should make zap as an passive left click, i’d cost no mana and i’d funktion as a normal left click. Or have it share the same int perk as the uppcoming paladin revamp where all of your left clicks becomes a small blue smite attack. Paladib smite will still be alot better ofc.

I think I heard somewhere the Berezaa is going to rework thunder all to becoming like zap if you invest enough points. Not sure if this is true but yeah.

Hunter has double jumping abilities.

Instead of costing mana, it costs stamina.

It’s an ability that mages have the inability to do.

I talk about something like this feature in here: Magic Tomes: Basic Attack

The Level 30 tome I talk about makes the old zap a passive as long as the magic tome is in your offhand.

This statement is partially true, I have what berezaa exactly said at Berezaa on subclass balancing

You know what mages need? A passive. Hunters have double jump, warriors have triple slash, and mages have nothing

What passive do you think they should have?