What do you plan on doing this Update?

When the enchant revert comes out, what are you going to do first?

It can be anything, from putting 7 great scrolls on a weapon, to wasting 80 ancients and 20 holy scrolls for a weapon, or even to blowing up 99 items!

I myself plan on cursing my 2 bows, and then make a green-tier stick.

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Definitely my plan is to bring my 5-ancient dex sword to a 7-ancient dex sword. If I’m lucky, I’ll only need 20 ancients and 10 holy scrolls!

Im gonna fully curse a few bows beforehand, then try getting a gold bow. After that, Im gonna spam cursed until I get a green bow (which will take ten thousand years but whatever). As for my dagger, I’m just aiming for red

crying and looking at peoples green terul talon because none of my ancients work and all of my cursed scrolls blow up my weapons

yall got some big dreams

Im pretty sure it was said it would not be an enchantment reset since they can track enchants now.

Not much would change so I would not really do anything.

Going for gold tier cursed sword. Green tier will come later

How tf do people even get green tier?

They’d have to land like 7 top tier curseds

Gonna try to get a gold or red legendary wooden sword.

At minimum, 5x +6 cursed and 2x +5 cursed or 6x +6 and 1x +4

Edit: nvm, berezaa said he changed the required stats for green from +40 to +49, but other bonuses can count toward that (like legendary, keen, etc. modifiers)

Wait How fo you know there’s gonna be a revert

cry over my full ancient (with ancient int) webbed not being good anymore TIMES TWO

Be neutral because I barely enchanted anything.

Where did he say that

Hopefully that attribute thing applies to wooden sword I need to get it red

Now that this update is out, I just want to say I regret my life decisions.