What do you guys think of our enemies?

How would you guys describe your experience from levels 1-10 fighting what mobs we have implemented in the game thus far? We’d love to hear your feedback.

The mobs are nice and simple, honestly nothing really to complain about, wish we could get some sort of sign in the air where a miniboss spawned though

I never thought crabs could be so fearsome, they’re the cause of my nightmares.

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Since The Crabs Are The Highest Level Getting Much Higher Is Pretty Sluggish. So The Level 15 Spiders Should Help To Keep Up The Pace Of Leveling.

Or a compass to show where enemies/minibosses/important locations are located

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:black_small_square:The mobs so far has been proven to be challenging which truly lacks in some MMORPG’s around the world. This creates a challenge for players to actually think of each action they perform when engaging in combat with an enemy A.I.

:black_small_square:I think the way how the mobs work as of right now is perfectly alright and I don’t particularly see any issue with the mobs in its current state. It is up to the players to adapt to the situation and change their way of thinking to fight in various different methods.

One big problem with the enemies currently is the gap from the mushroom enemies straight to the high-level crabs (for new players). It was very hard to level up with the crabs because of my poor stat choices, leaving me with no MP for ranged attacks. If there were some mid-level enemies between the crab and the mushroom enemies, it’d make leveling up much easier for lower level players and not so infuriating.

The mobs themselves are very well made and scripted, however, the placement of them may be a bit messy.

I recommend experimenting with hit boxes more, this is to add a more skillful approach to the game (basically for hunters which are an evasive class)

One example which you can approve on, is the crabs. they have you completely covered and they normally hit you before you can escape their hitbox. This leads to just having to tank them and lose around 2/3 to 3/4 of your health just to kill one.

They’re too basic, and they’re all pretty much the same thing with varying degrees of power. They could use a lot more variety and abilities.

We plan on having some wildabeasts in the farmlands as well as the foresty area of the beach map for you to fight. They’ll be a little easier.

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As of 10/13 when i played the first minions were balanced but later on they became more op,
to fight the next area you had to be 3 lvl higher to withstand the crowed even a bit to grind you needed to be lvl 6-7 to fight the shrums.

onto the elders the exp rate for them should be higher they were 3.3 when fully killed by one person but the babys were 2 exp. there was no intensive to go fight the elders but money. the elders should be 7-10. this would fill the gap and not make people think they will never reach the next area.

now to the boss elder i love how people gather together to fight him and his health was to big for 1 person to you needed a group that’s how its supposed to be in mmo, but the fact that we could not hit him with physical attacks annoyed me and to add to it his aoe was to big.

moving on to the crabs with higher lvls the exp needed to lvl got higher and we needed more from the crabs. idk what you are adding to the farm but dont place crabs out of the equation. make the craps drop more exp and the farm hard so people need to grind the crabs. ps, reduse there aoe.

as for the spiders i have no comment i could never battle them i just died in that area when i went to buy scrolls.

Spiders are nice, i killed one and got 23 xp in the top left, but i heard from others they only got like 9-10, if that’s the case theres a serious problem with xp gain, your xp guage get’s like 100 more every time you level so it becomes harder and harder to level, but the mobs don’t change nearly enough, if the elders give 5 (which is what i found from testing) than the crabs should give way more than 7, more like 12, and the spiders are nice at 20 seeing as they triple in dificulty. We do need some mobs inbetween mushes and crabs, and crabs and spiders
Also when trying to find xp from enemies, remember to keep in mind the party bonus and the fact exp is shared with people who do damage, so kill one solo to find out

EDIT: Now that i think about it quests could get rid of the need for all this, just add a few more that get is 1/4 of the way through our current level (say 250-500 exp) and you’re golden, we just need like 10 of them, although i’m not complaining about more (and i mean 10 more not 10 total).

i see what you are saying and i do think we shoud have more quest with more exp. but there is still the problem of the aoe attacks they are to big to doge and make it only possible to kill them with a massive amount of health poshions.

That’s just a bug, it’ll be fixed, don’t worry about it

ik its a bug and ik i cant expect a perfect game. this was just a little game breaking. i am not hating on the devs.