What do you guys think about the Ranger & Hunter HP nerf?

Recently today, there was an announcement in the official Vesteria Discord. Rangers were nerfed down to 60% HP and Hunters were nerfed down to 70% HP.

What do you think about this change? Do you think it was a good change?

  • Yes, nerfing Ranger & Hunter HP is a good change
  • No, nerfing Ranger & Hunter HP is a bad change

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Remember that dex bow bonuses pretty much double your DPS if you use a bow (This is just at 25 DEX. 50 DEX triples your original DPS)

Rangers are glass cannons, nerfing them was a good call. I also suggest making the price of arrows 15 copper to combat rangers’ endless money reserves, then revert it a while later


it just gives the rangers an excuse of “you already nerfed our hp you can’t nerf our damage!”

for the arrows…
i would like for them to have diferent variations corresponding to their bows.
spider leg bows will only work with spider arrows which will cost 25b for a single one.
it would also be nice for them to decrease the arrow capacity in a single stack to be 100.
meaning you would only have máximum in your inventory: 2000 arrows (4000 with nilgarf bank)

mmm image

You’re a new player, I’ll give you that.

Are you aware that they are able to double their DPS at 25 dex?

I’m going to be respectful, the reason why people are voting that Rangers should’ve been nerfed is because of their massive DPS.

They are weak in health, and can fly away if they get close.

But if you play it correctly, the potential is very high and you can steal all loot.

Playing ranger correctly is just simply going far away.

Im saying it was a good change even if I main ranger, we have been op for too long (also we can still steal all your loot as long as we stay far away hehe)

I can agree to this sentiment, though I don’t personally agree that the other Hunter subclass as well as the faction in general should take the huge health penalty that ranger had.

One of the biggest reasons rangers were such monsters is because they never had to risk close ranged combat to begin with and thus would never take substantial damage in the first place.

I haven’t tested my ideal Hunter Assassin build as of now, with the boost to shadow flurry perhaps the class will actually be much more of a hit-and-run burst damage gimmick than normal.

I also hold small concern as to how low level rangers will manage, as I died repeatedly from 95% health shots trying to do Gauntlet on a level 37 slot.

Hunters are going to become glass cannons. Assassins, which do not have any bow related abilities, would most likely be seen in close combat. To make up for thise, their abilities are going to be very, very powerful (I do not remember what ability).

Shadow flurry mega buff

They should just nerf ranger not hunter

Your back for how many times already? I lost count

I feel like Ranger’s HP getting nerfed won’t help at all, since rangers use bows and shoot from a distance where most enemies can’t hit them. it doesn’t matter if a ranger has 1 hp if the enemy can’t hit them.

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Berserkers in pretty good spot rn considering high dps and high health compared to all melee hunters which are in terrible spot rn (pls show love to tricksters).

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EXACTLY, My Lvl 41 trickster had 2049 health without an vitality points. NOW IT IS PRACTICALLY CUT IN HALF

This Is Exactly What I’ve Been Asking For

I feel like keep the ranger health at 60%, but buff general hunter health to 80% at least


Oh please, shadow flurry is the highest damage skill in the game right now. Also, we get too terrible with our bows.

Now all they need to nerf is stance and rangers will be a semi balanced class.