What do you all think the price should be? (POLL)

  • R$1000
  • R$800
  • R$400
  • Other

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EDIT: Gonna close poll on week 17.

Unanimous Decision. :confused:

i admit im cheep lol but 800 is a reasonable price

it will probably be 1k robux since that’s what the devs want to make it (not confirmed)

I would like it to be 1k as the devs suggested since they really deserve the price. I do understand why you’d put 800 but for this game I really think the devs deserve it.

I’ll buy it for R$1,000 but I think more people can afford $10 for R$800 than $15 for R$1,000

Good point.

I said 800$ because that’s 10 dollars for people who don’t have BC and not many people can/have BC so…

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