What do y'all think about the warrior buff?

So recently Warrior got an buff through Hp, 50% buff for Paladins,Berserker and Warrior and 75% buff for Knight, How do y’all feel about these changes?

My opinion
So I went through leveling up my Knight and at the end I felt ,unsatisfied, while the Tons of health is cool I just find no cool gimmicks other than tanky-ness nor is it rewarding to be a tank for others when you get nothing out of it, While Hunter currently has cool gimmicks like Being a massive glass cannon with tons of dmg while also having high mobility and versatility with ranged and non-ranged combat which makes hunter and it’s sub classes fun to play. I just feel that Knight is a very low tier class right now, Other than it’s High health. I’m not asking for a buff but just a cool new ability or gimmick to make it more engaging/fun.


you forgot about the def perk removal

True, so warrior also got an nerf as-well. So the HP buff is not as good as it seems.

I think this is a step in the right direction (buffing warriors and all) but they need to work more on making them viable in terms of damage (I know berserker is fine, but it still struggles at range) and xp. We’re going to need a lot more if warriors are going to be viable, but if I am not mistaken this is just the first step on a long road of buffs planned, so I am hoping that we will get some more improvements soon.

Berserks struggle with range cause of the base of our abilities, we can’t move at all making ground slam and slash our only option which are normal warrior abilities making the game not fun.

Exactly. I don’t necessarily want ranged abilities for berserkers, but there needs to be some way of dealing with ranged opponents, such as an ability that blocks projectiles, or something that makes you move faster.


Preach! Also @Keegan_Glynn in the guild cord server we talked about new abilities and I thought of instead a dmg buff you get adrenaline taking less dmg and going faster. Some ability that would help counter would be lovely but we need a better attack for ranged.

I don’t see why people complain so much about beserker right now. There are many worse subclasses

That is true but berezza already meantime’s buffing those classes. Trickster new mentioned is going to get bugged and assassins shadow flurry is going to get buffed to to deal 200% physical times 7. Knight is just Tanky but gots nothing going for it other than being tanky . Paladin, berezza stayed is getting a buff as well with it’s smite abillity in which it will go to basic attack instead of an ability. While warlock is getting a rework and sorcerer is already quite powerful dig and aoe. The only classes with no confirmed or aforementioned buffs are cleric and berserker which are being left behind and knight is just boring to play due to the unsatisfaction you get from it.

Plus while berserker damage is good it’s a close range class with no abilities to break that gap and does 1/3-1/4 of rangers damage.

Its not that beserk is bad just if you play you would under stand how plain, boring, and useless the sub class is in terms of abilties.

Agreed. It’s the best warrior, and not bad, but it’s pretty boring and has 0 range so it looses health fast.

Knight is the best bucko

Idk about pvp, but it’s easiest to grind with berserker. It has by far the best damage and can cuz through swarms easily, but if it’s skills aren’t ready or it’s at a range, berserker especially will have no way of surviving due to lower health, no healing, and a general lack of defensive moves.

laughs in beserker

I think all warriors need a dmg buff. Knights are only good in pvp and normal enemies in pve but they aren’t good against bosses and giants

Warriors in general aren’t supposed to put out tons of damage. You can equalize the damage dealt by simply tanking blows, and continuing to swing at the enemy.

Your right, but beserker’s are.

Berserkers already put out a lot of damage. They have a lot of health however, which allows them to not die from being shanked a single time.

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To be exact, they’re above average in terms of damage, but their skills require them to either to be immobile or really slow, which I think that they need a damage buff or a kit redo.