What could this be? 🤔


  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Adventurer…?

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warrior obviously



Filler Text.


why u always do dat

Do What?!


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Sometimes The Word Count Isn’t Enough Or When I Do “WWAARRRRIIIIOOOORRRRSSSS” Is Because It Says Something Like “Is This A Full Sentence?”. That Is Why My Good Sir.

Sorry but I wanna be a mage so I can be a cleric to heal (i love to heal) c:

The Only Reason I’m Warrior Is Due To The Fact That I Rarely Play A Tank. I Mainly Play With A Ranged Build, So I Decided To Go Melee This Time.

you deserve love! I love people that go healer. people like you make my day!


i posted dis on the wrong replay b4

Oof To You Then.

I’m doing warrior for a few reasons
1.) they are making the warrior fortress first so I want to check it out as a warrior because maybe there might be new skills or something.
2.) Warrior classes are my main on lots of things so that’s another reason
other than those two reasons I am not sure what class I should choose

Despite The Fact That I Am Going Warrior, Though I Will Make A Secondary Lower Level Hunter Save Slot, I Mainly Go With Ranged In Games. I Decided To Go With Melee In This As A Sort Of New Experience.

oh nice, I might make a secondary account being a mage just because like you said you never chosen warrior as I never chosen mage on other games.

Thank you :blush: I’d be glad to be in a (boss raid?) with you

boss raid isn’t a thing yet so maybe a regular party would do?

That would probably do :smile:

i need healing

not sorry

How are mages beating the warriors…we are the warriors and we will slaughter all who appose us…with our kind hearts and nice words

Mages are intellectuals who use strategy to defeat their foes from afar