What convinced you to buy Vesteria?

So what did you see in Vesteria that caused you to buy it?

For me it was a combination of three things:
The game was promised to not be P2W
The lead is Berezaa who made two of my all time favorite games; 2 player gun factory tycoon, and miners haven.
The complete and total downfall of high quality games being replaced with simulators with the hope that Vesteria will change things.

because berezaa
he made Harambe tycoon, you probably didn’t hear of it, one of his best games, taken down though funs games I enjoyed.
also cause rpg are cool, and magic does the cool

Vesteria, is being worked on by a well known developer. As well as how I have seen many previews and many people suggested that I played this. So here I am now enjoying this well made game.

It is also being worked on by 2 other developers which speeds up the progress which means endless amounts of new stuff to do. Unlike other games (Fantastic frontier) which wait about 7 months to bring something new to the table.

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Played the playtests, instantly fell in love.


Once I saw the thumbnail that’s all I needed.


i knew about it, i played the playtests, all the people i met while interacting with the forums and the games, and not PTW and hopefully it won’t be a PTBBTEE (Pay to be better than everyone else)

Heard Ber talk about it on his dev stream. I absolutely adore RPG’s so I thought I’d give it a try.

Playtests BOI

what convinced me to buy vesteria?
I like RPG games.
I like grinding.
i hate games on the front page.
I expected a game that costs 800 robux will have mature players and not toxic players. (and i seem to be right)
and daddy berezaa

Toxic everywhere.

sorry for being wrong dad :frowning:


Well… I really enjoyed the demo, so I wanted to play the full game. That’s how I decided to buy the full game.

Played the play tests. Saw the maps. Fell in love. Why else do you think I’ve taken so many pictures?

Because all my friends are playing it so I just was like, I NEED THIS NOWW!111!!!

i just like grindy games like borderlands i also played the demo

I had a lot of fun during the Pre Alpha

because berezaa[2]