What are your worst moments in Vesteria?

I’m curious to know everyone’s worst moments in Vesteria. I’ll tell you my one.

One time I was trading with some guy a few months ago and I was buying a scroll I think. I was going to pay him 20s although I wasn’t looking and I accidentally put in 200s.

We accepted the trade and then I immediately realised I lost half my money. I kindly asked the guy to give it back to me but he said “it’s my money now and I don’t have to give it back to you”.

I was literally raging. Even other people in the server were asking to give it back and then he just quickly left…

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That one time where i dropped my chicken pet and lost it forever

When I traded 2 stacks of beetles for Legendary Willow Staff cuz didnt know the price and thoguht all Legendaries were very expensive even the lower level ones. :sneezing_face:

when i got lynched by kensai’s fanboys after killing him in nilgarf

Blew up a Legendary Azariah’s Edge. Was +3 and red tier :cry:

Blew up my +27 legendary dustwurm bow with 3 upgrade attempts with the first cursed atk I used, I thought I clicked on my pristine one but it was too late

This one is kind if old but I spent at least 30-40 mins killing a giant whale back when it still existed, but when it was really low and about to die my wifi died, hence I didn’t get anything

I’ve broken dozens of Ballistas and Azariah’s Edges. The highlight probably is breaking a six cursed Eviscerator and a six cursed Talon, both in one sitting.

Blowing up my 4 gold cursed Tuaa bow back when that was the best weapon. (I just put the scrolls on for lols and that happened).

When I accidentally gave away the Cheese Blade, my first ever dyed, named, and descriptioned weapon ever. It was the worst moment ever, almost as bad as when Kensai666 lost Garry. Worst moment ever. I had gotten an ancient and cursed on that… (it was from alpha)

When Vesteria shut down for like 4 days back at last year summer.

Randomly decided to drop a bow and lost it when spider weapons were rly inflated and had to buy a spider bow for a gold.

i revived someone and he didnt say thank you in the dunes


playing vesteria

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buying 2 cursed scrolls only to blow up a fierce ballista and a talon

I died.

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Vesteria Alpha released and I checked my robux.

While I was battling the Scarab on my Sorcerer, a Hunter stole all my loot from the Scarab even though I did like 80% of its hp.

My astro staff had +12 with 5 upgrades left, I used another cursed scroll and lo and behold it gets yeeted to the 4th dimension…
Now im stuck with a dinky webbed staff.

(buying astro staff, dm me on discord with an offer)

I accepted a duel challenge from a level 22 (I was level 49 at the time), and they killed me IN ONE HIT. ONE. They were a Hunter so I’m not even sure how, I dodged their Executes, Shunpos, and Barrages while returning fire with same, out of nowhere they just swung with their dinky wooden dagger and OHKO’d me. I was OUTRAGED!