What are good stats for a melee hunter?

Haven’t played the game in a while, my stats were reset to zero, what stats should I focus on as a melee hunter?

I’d go for 90 str and rest dex with mogloko mask on

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50 DEX and rest in STR, in my opinion

Don’t go melee hunter. Period. Tbh ranged hunter is so much better there’s no point. I you’re poor as a freshie go with ranger stats and grind up some money for a while until you can steadily afford arrows.

Let the person play what he wants. Telling someone that they should just quit whatever class they were playing is a bandaid solution to the ranger problem. Assassin and Trickster may get better, and I think assassin is actually getting better.

Melee hunter in my opinion sounds more fun than ranger. Though, this is what id imagine since I am a mage main.

Ok do whatever. :+1:

To build off that, It’s confirmed by ber that assassin’s shadow flurry is getting insane buff 7 times 200% total 1400% buff he said. Thought I don’t know about trickster.

I think trickster should get something as well.

Ber mentioned it’s getting a buff but he never said what about trickster is getting a buff.

Ber buffed tricksters switch strike which is still not very good