Well that was fun! | Spider Queen Discussion

Well, we just released the Spider Queen to the world, and the world was amazed with her unique ability to fly!

That was a really interesting boss fight. She actually has a really cool and fleshed out AI that we weren’t able to properly look at because she was constantly in the air.

I think it’s also an issue that people don’t care about dying, so we’re probs going to implement some minor penalty for dying, like making you respawn with lowered HP and no MP.

If you missed her, we’ll spawn her more tomorrow, and we’ll continue to spawn her as we make improvements. We plan to properly add her to the game in a week or two

Discuss your thoughts below

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please enable communism so we can all get something

Do Spiders no longer drop Spider Fang Daggers?

Can the spider be less scary because im literally shaking. If you dont, say bye bye to your robux.

guys here is a epic picture of a battle look at it


Also this was a great Christmas present lol.

make her heavy please. I get that you’re trying to do that by messing around with the density

Why was this on Christmas >;/

Could you please try to release her maybe around 4 or 5 pm EST atm there’s no way for us Eu players to be able to participate these events when you host them this late…

Or early.
For me these events happen at 3AM