Weird forum bug

I am a basic user with no basic badge :confused:

Have you met all the requirements?

umm It said I am a basic user up there lol
but I have no badge

Idk just asking

he has, his trust level is basic

@lolnballverher first off, relogin
secondly give it time to update
go read some topics it will pop up soon

yea but idk who that is

Seems like a regular forum user to me.

“Invited by Polymorphic”

thats not what it says on my screen

Yeah but look at his screenshot

oh what the hek

Perhaps, inspect element.

you are right XD
its kinda fun ya know ?

Discourse has a delay for updating the badges page which is by default set to 24 hours I believe, seems like what this is, unless it’s been a while.

Wdym lol

Should anyone close this ?
No more bug Yay

@Meta ; @WaterWolfX ?

sorry I’m late