Week 16 Playtest

Are you going to be playing in the week 16 playtest? Do you have any ideas/thoughts about the final free playtest? Will you buy paid access after week 16 or wait until the game is fully released to play?

  • Hyped! :blush:
  • Not hyped. :angry:

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Anyone who votes Not hyped probably shouldn’t be in this Forum lol


Only One Person Currently Voted ‘Not hyped. :angry:’ Like Why?

The person who voted not hyped is probably sad because they can’t get paid access.

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I Would Agree With That.

I am hyped to get into the last play test until paid so then once I manage to get enough Robux I can play it non stop.:computer:

How Would You Get The R$1000 For The Paid-Access?

I could sell one of my limited items I own or I wait the 15 Robux per day for exactly 42 days with BC.