Week 16 Playtest Patch Notes

Hello, and welcome to the seventh official Vesteria public play test! Every week, we set a specific goal we want to achieve for the game. For week 16, we focused on game stability, the introduction of more combat abilities, and combat polishing. We also added chat bubbles, a much-needed social feature.

Play: https://www.roblox.com/games/2015602902/Vesteria-Demo

Chat Bubbles

  • Whenever someone near you speaks, you’ll see the chat above their head as well as their username.

  • Chat bubbles are distance based – moving away from players will collapse the chat bubble into three dots, and will stop showing the chat bubbles if you move far away enough.

Improved Warrior Ability – Ground pound

We received a lot of feedback in regards to Warriors as a class, and in particular the ground pound ability was commonly looked at as an ability that did not feel satisfying to use. We’ve modified the ability to hopefully work more intuitively and give players more of a satisfying feeling when using it.

  • When a player casts ground pound, their character will now jump into the air and perform the animation. This is now accompanied by new particles
  • Ground pound deals more damage now, and has a higher range.

New Warrior Ability – Uppercut (WIP)

  • Lunge forward and knock enemies up into the air
  • This ability is still a work in progress

New Hunter Ability – Dagger Throw (WIP)

  • Throw your dagger at an enemy
  • This ability is still a work in progress


  • Now prevents monsters from targeting you, unless they were already targeting you before you sat down
  • HP and MP regeneration doubles when sitting


  • Parties are now properly maintained when teleporting to a new map
  • Fixed a bug that prevented people from leaving the party
  • Fixed a bug that prevented people from being invited to the party when it wasn’t full


  • Gravity is now reduced underwater
  • Special effects added for entering/exiting water

Warrior Stronghold

  • New map after Redwood Pass
  • Sells advanced warrior equipment

Game Security

  • Fixed multiple exploits


  • Replaced old damaged and death sound effects
  • Added walking sound effect

New items:


As always, please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be looked at and logged to be fixed. If you find something you do not want other players to abuse (for example, you figure out how to duplicate items) send it as a private message to @Vesteria_Team. We will reward players who report bugs, and punish those who abuse them.

Thanks, and enjoy!


How come Shunpo is in the Adventurer’s skills set?

PolymorphicLast Tuesday at 11:22 PM

Every hunter needs the proper tools to successfully assassinate their target… here’s a sneak-peak of just one.

I thought it was a hunter’s skill. Also, Can you do it where we get adventure points even if we choose a class, or is not getting any Adventurer points, after selecting a class, a mechanic that is going to stay in the game?

The Shunpo Is Meant To Be A Hunter Move. As Someone Suggested Multiple Moves And I Believe Polymorphic Responded.

As I create new abilities I put them into the Adventurer skill book so that I can easily test them, it’ll be moved back to the Hunter book when I finish.


I miss the playtests

same who doesn’t back then @YujiPlayz was alive he said he would grind again but he gave up i think

stop necroposting, you mad people