Week 16! (Leak Re-cap)

hello there everybody! this is more of a recap of what you can expect for week 16 Playtest!
I will go over some things that are old and some more recent leaks that have just come out.
the list of all current leaks:

Changes to fire

First up on the list, we have the change to the way of how the fire looks in this game, its nothing big but still something noteworthy: https://gyazo.com/927791eafdb9df6f2019b5622feda093

the new boar enemy and hidden leak

next up on the list is the boar enemy leak and the guy wearing some new armour. I go into deeper detail here:
New boar leak! (analysis)
The TL;DR of this post is that we are getting a new boar enemy that will be found in the redwoods pass (which I will talk about later) and a new armour (presumably for the warrior) with a never seen before helmet!
a new leak by the user @konlon15 somehow found a decal with the image of the armour + the name of it! (i knew it looked familiar but only realised this once I looked at my boar leak)
(Leaked new armor!)
this new armours name is “rusty armour” which fits the looks of it

New offensive abilities!!!

the 3rd thing on our list is the new attack abilities for Hunter and Warrior. I don’t have too much to say here since I already went deeper into this topic here:
New combat skills! (analysis) V2 (the developer also provides some inside info on how they will work!)

New Locations!

And now for the juiciest of the leaks, the new areas! these leaks are absolutely massive and are a big part of the next playtest and you definitely want to check this out! as always I go into deeper analysis of the leaks here:
Warrior HQ (analysis)

now that, that is out of the way I can show you some more recent leaks that I didn’t really find anything ‘‘hidden’’ in. just some pictures of the upcoming locations/features

Beach shortcut

we have this new tropical beach area that is supposed to be a shortcut of sorts.

Restore your strength

this leak simply shows chairs and how they will make you regen HP and MP and a rapid rate + they will make you invisible to the monsters! (mobile campfire when devs?)


this leak simply shows how running and stamina will work in the next playtest + a link to the forum post where berezaa himself explains, in detail, how DEX and stamina works now:
Changes to stamina

and that should be all of it! we had some amazing things to look forward to and I’m just as hyped as all of you!
I made this post to Re-cap all of the leaks and information we have gotten over the weeks and help people learn a little bit more about what to expect out of this weeks playtest.

Okay here’s how I found it:

  1. Click Create/Develop
  2. Click library
  3. Click Decals
  4. Filter by decals uploaded by The Vesteria Team
  5. Sort by recently updated and show unavailable

You could also look at the meshes or sounds. It’s really useful!


well, now we know how he found it out! thanks for the info i guess :smiley:

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Omg I’m so hyped

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I’d like to point out that a bunch of those were posted in the sneak peaks channel in the discord, so they are technically not “leaks”. Otherwise, good recap of all the info.

Is the boar an enemy or a boss?

its an enemy

It May Also Be A Mount In The Future.