Week 15 predictions: Spiders?

week 15 looks to be filled with new content. from giant spiders to the snowy warrior castle! the playtest starts in only a few hours and I want to know your thoughts of what could be in this weeks playtest. share your ideas about what the spider enemies could drop and what would be in the snowy castle + any extra leaks you have heard about

spiders could drop a sort of grappling thing

In The Other Topics Berezaa And Polymorphic Did Say What Would Be In Here.

they did? where?

I Sadly Can’t Remember Which Topic It Was In.

ahh shook. well too bad, i will keep looking at the forums and try to find something

spiders are the new crabs I bet, they’ll do a lot of damage, drop a nice rare weapon when you can just buy a better one at your level, and then they’ll drop materials equivalent to crabs, except they’re stronger than crabs and uglier.