Week 15: Conclusion

this weekends test was some of the BEST fun I had in a while. Did I enjoy every little bit of it
my favourite part? the party system. I had so much fun making groups with peoples and earning extra exp. Sure, everybody I met and was in a party was a random that I didn’t know, but I still had great fun!
the spiders let me farm while getting insane amounts of cash and exp, and I had a blast.
and a :heart: goes to whoever on the team decided to give warrior more weapons (he needed some more love)

the following are some pictures of the whole server killing spider mini-bosses (the mini-bosses are INSANE)

there was also a moment when a cute little spider spawned outside of the cave area <3

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Glad you had a lot of fun!

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Thanks for making such an awesome game that i had fun playing :slight_smile:

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Yea, I had so much fun in the playtest (and technically I still am :wink: ) Although I made a post talking about my thoughts and problems with the test, I still really enjoyed my time in Vesteria.

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I’m still waiting on that party invite. :3


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Be Waiting For Another 5 Days Then.

sad boyo hours over here

Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth.


Damn It Thanos.