Weapons can only be sold one at a time

When selling weapons, they will only sell one at a time even if I have the needed amount and I put the amount in. I have video evidence but you can easily test it out by buying some cheap weapons in Nilgarf. If you want evidence then DM me on discord.

I know it’s not game breaking but I just thought it’d be nice to point out.

I think this is because they don’t want people to get mad after accidentally trying to sell a weapon and then selling their entire invent, deleting one they might have wanted/worked hard for.

It would be nice to be able to do this but only for weapons with no scrolls successfully used on it, with a warning message before just incase it’s an accident.

Yeah that would make sense and items that are enchanted will also need a warning if you are trying to sell it. Or you could make it an option in the settings to automatically sell multiple weapons at a time or have a warning before.

Yes, both things would be nice. Also, if you are commenting to someone make sure to hit the reply button on their post. Luckily for you I read every forum post so I saw it but I wanted to point this out since most people don’t and post replying is the only way to give them a notification.

Ok I will do it. Thanks for the warning, well now I know why people don’t respond to me.

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