Weapon Visual Effects

Some players out there might notice that Webbed Staff have a small VFX that glows purple rather than blue like all other staffs (even Lunar Staff!) when you cast something. Now this is probably “ok” since it is a spider-themed weapon and it is special, but Mage is the only class that gets a VFX (pls correct me if I’m wrong).

Webbed Staff glows purple when casting a spell, while Lunar (and other staffs) glows blue

Lunar Staff (and gear) was also a huge disappointment for me, due to it being level 28 but have its damage slightly lower than what I expected and also so VFX. I’ve been hoping to see it glowing yellow, just like a sun glowing from a hard-grinding day (sun staff when ber).

Anyway, To sums up stuffs so I won’t go off-topic complaining more, here are the weapons I would like to have small (or big) VFX (for fun):

  • Barbarian Sword - give SFX and BA trails a red-ish color
  • Royal Fang - give SFX and BA trails a purple color
  • Lunar Staff - give SFX and BA balls a yellow-ish color
  • Barbarian Staff - give SFX and BA balls again a red-ish color
  • Spider Fang Dagger - give SFX and BA trails a purple color
  • Icicle - give SFX and BA trails a chill color
  • Barbarian Dagger thing - give SFX and BA trails a red-ish color
  • Spider Leg Bow - give SFX and arrow trails a purple color

P.S: SFX means Spell VFX, which also means Visual Effect. BA means Basic Attack or Melee Attack. I like typos

this is a pretty good idea, but i swear if it causes a whole new area of glitches and bugs im going to cry

If simply changing a trail or particle emitter’s color causes a bug then I’m worried about the developers

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