Weapon type ideas?

Any cool weapon type ideas along with weapons already here? Weapons don’t have to really be normal, like a sword, axe, or bow. They could be weird things like spells, fist attacks, splash potions, charging at enemies, supers (ability’s signature move) etc.

I would love to see, Hammers, Spears, Customized Swords. That would be a awesome addition.

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@TheDreg27 I do think it would be cool to see more awesome weapons

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Imagine a battle axe that you hold down instead of just click and it charges up, and when the bar is full you let go and it does a big area effect swing around you like a circle! Or it could be a warrior subclass perk. If it turns out like that then maybe the subclass should be called “berserker”

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To be honest I would like my hunter with two daggers

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I won’t lie that would be sicker than my friend after I tricked him into eating m&m’s when I made him think they were skittles (he hates chocolate for some reason, what a felon).

(note he wasn’t actually sick he was disgusted. No friends were fatally harmed in the making of the former post)

This idea seem really cool
I could see, as previously stated, a hunter dual wielding
Thinking about this, a feature of one-handed and two-handed weapons would cause a geeat diversity in weapons

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yeah and maybe the game won’t be repetitive and basic after world 1 (COUGH COUGH SWORDBUST BOTH 1 AND 2 COUGH)

I think it would be awesome if the different types of weapons had different styles of attacking.
Spears would allow you to jab from further away but deal less damage, daggers would require you to be closer, but would deal more damage, swords would be somewhere in between.
There could also be weapons like long swords or large clubs , that take longer to swing but have a good range and damage.

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I think it would be cool if certain heavier and/or larger weapons could have a special thing where they deal less overall dps on a singular target, but they act as a crowd control weapon, and can damage multiple enemies at once. So basically they pierce targets.

We already have weapon peirce, if you take anything into the mushroom forest and surround yourself with like 6 shrooms they all die at the same time because you’re hitting them all

Maybe a spell book that when you use it, you have to do the corresponding slide thing, which is a 3x3 grid that can use the pegs once or twice to cast.

These Ideas Are Just Great!

Something I would to have in Vesteria is a dual wielding sub-class for Warrior. That’d be epic.


Hunter class should also have a dual wield

i have drank 3 cups of coffee, ate 2 packs of instant noodles and i have a creative mind
Greatsword (GS) = A sword that has longer range, but less attackspeed.
Mace = A weapon that is used for combat while supporting teammates. (Close combat support)
Darts (alternative to bows and crossbows cuz they overused) = Light weapon that has high attack speed and long attack range but low damage.
Daggers = A short range weapon with high damage and medium attack speed. Can be dual wielded and throwable. Can only be threw once in 4 seconds
Gauntlets = Deals damage based on your Str. and has the lowest reach ingame. Has a medium attack speed and acts as armor.
Book = Has the lowest amount of damage but in return of extremely high magic power with a buff (was thinking about mana regeneration)
Halberd = a high damage war-axe with a spear on its end. has a long reach and a swipe attack that can attack multiple enemies at once

help me im dying i drank another cup of coffee

Elemental weapons that emits their element like if it’s a fire sword it emits fire
Along with that It would be nice to see elemental damage

Class: Mage

Sub-Class: Necromancer

Weapon: Aura

Type: Poison

Name: Foul Stench

Effect: An aura that slowly drains the health of the enemies around you because of its putrid smell.

I’d love to see some more mage-oriented weapons, like wands, staves, and maybe scepters. A way to personalize current weapons would also be pretty neat.