Weapon proficiency

This is a very simple suggestion, but I feel it could be way more fleshed out.

Weapon proficiency perks could be obtained by having a certain amount of a stat. They would allow you to use weapons that weren’t originally tied to your class or subclass. Although you would be proficient with class weapon types by default, you’d need to have a certain amount of a stat in order to use particular weapons.

(IE: Paladins would be proficient with swords and heavy weapons by default, but they could stat into vitality in order to use a shield as well. A dex sorcerer could get a dagger with mana thief in his 2nd slot that he could use when he runs low on mana, and so forth.)

Having a system like this could allow for some very unique builds, and I think it’d fit right into the game.
I’d love to see how people would make unique builds for their characters.
I’m sure that this would require some major rebalancing of the game though especially with the possibility of things like berserkers with dual shields or melee simulacrum warlocks.

How would you guys feel if a system like this was implemented into the game?

but skills are class specific anyway

I personally think this is not a great idea. Different classes use different weapons, and skills. Starting to mix these could get complicated and would ruin the different classes unique-ness. Instead of this idea, I would put more time and effort in the tome brainstorm I have listed below. I think this would be a better idea to diversify fighting techniques and abilities.

Tomes are an awesome idea, and I love them. I made this post because I’ve always believed that allowing people to utilize different equipment to make their builds more flexible (Staves for hitting multiple mobs at once, daggers for attack speed, swords for single target damage ETC) would be a great addition.
I should’ve wrote it stating that the system could be completely different in implementation, seeing as how both of the complaints thus far are about the implementation.

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That’s just for mages, I don’t see why there can’t be both?

this livens my idea of being able to choose another class (mastered subclass and another class) (no subclasses for second class) honestly i just wanted to show this but the idea is pretty good though

Why can’t it be for all the classes? It could just replace the weapon perks…

Thank you for your reply. I personally still do not like the idea. I would rather see more perks, skills, and even new gear added instead of just merging the different weapons that are already in-game. All the classes have unique fighting abilities, and merging them all would ruin the game.

Time to use dagger to summon thunder call


I mean I suppose it could be for all classes, I just really don’t think it’s a thematic fit for anyone other than mages. (I’ve met several warriors I’m decently sure aren’t intelligent enough to read)

Try telling that to the Paladins. :joy: