Weapon Modifier Suggestion

Ber recently leaked modifiers/attributes coming to Vesteria. These are buffs that give weapons an extra boost like +10 INT, STR, etc.

(Attributes would be called things like Keen, Agile, Violent, etc)

I propose for these attributes to work similarly to how they do in Terraria.

Meaning that when dropped/bought, they can have positive or negative effects like + or -10 INT. Although, they can be reforged, maybe at the blacksmith. In order to obtain a new attribute. Price would vary depending on the weapons rarity/power.


Negative attributes are already planned:

Also, there’s been two proposed methods to get a new attribute on a weapon:

  1. Use a Reset Scroll which will randomly pick a new attribute
  2. Use a Reset Scroll to remove an attribute, then Cursed Scrolls have a small chance of applying a random attribute.

I think this sounds very cool. Personally I would make the holy scroll act like a fail-safe. The holy crolls would prevent a bad attribute from being applied, and maybe even prevent a cursed from destroying equipment? Holy scrolls would need to become much rarer though…

yes like when before the enchanting rework cursed scrolls would do like +3 ranged attack or something like that